A Season of Hope ~ Week Two

Here we are, the second week of Advent. The theme this week is Peace.

Less than two weeks remain until Christmas, and I don’t know about you, but it’s usually around this time when I realize just how much I need to get done. With a myriad of items on my to-do list, what fills my heart can hardly qualify as peace. It’s actually the opposite. With Christmas cards to send, gifts to purchase, cookies to bake, my life becomes a flurry of last minute activity.

And yet, like many people, I often neglect the one thing I should be spending the most time on – preparing my soul.

The readings at Church on Sunday were all about preparing the way for Jesus. The gospel is one I practically know by heart.


My message today is a short one, and yet powerful. 

While going about your holiday preparations, set aside some time to prepare your soul. Cast away all of the sadness, fear and hatred that is holding you back. For me as a Catholic Christian, a good way to do this is going to Confession. For you, it might be an act of service, or an apology to someone you have hurt. Whatever you do, let God’s love guide you. Let his peace and mercy fill your heart. 

Then, when all of the presents are wrapped, the cookies baked, and the cards sent, you can rest knowing that another item has been checked off your to-do list.

The most important of all – readying our hearts to receive Jesus on Christmas day.




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