I am here

It’s been a while since I last posted. The last days of summer consumed me, and left me reeling. I can’t believe how fast those three months went by.

Right now, I have so much on my mind and in my heart. Prayers for those affected by storms. Prayers for those affected by wildfires. Prayers for anxious children that started school this week. Prayers for parents who watched with teary eyes as their children walked into school and the blissful days of summer came to an end.

And yet, when I try to put it into words, to offer encouragement to those who need it, I come up short. My own doubts and anxieties overcome me. So I keep praying. I try to follow my own advice and put it all in God’s hands.

For now, this is all I have.

If you want to talk, I’m here.

If you want to cry, I’m here.

If you want to scream, I’m here (just give me advance notice so I can get earplugs).

If you want a hug, I’m here.

Maybe not physically next to you like I want to be… to help you brace for the storm, or go for a walk with you until the hurt passes, or offer a cup of hot or iced tea and a zucchini muffin and just sit and listen.

But just like God promises to be there for us…

I am here.



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