A Little Pencil

My heart is overflowing with a good theme…My tongue is the pen of a ready writer.”

Psalm 45:1


This past month, I have made a lot of progress in my manuscript. I’ve passed the halfway mark and written 150 pages so far, which is far more than I have ever written in any story in my entire life.

For the first few weeks, words flowed out of my fingertips like the torrential downpours that ravaged southeastern Wisconsin earlier this summer. This metaphorical flood poured onto my computer screen, guiding my characters through a day together. Talking, laughing, and dare I say, maybe even flirting a little. (hehehe)

I’ve gotten to know the characters so well that they feel like old friends. They speak to me in my dreams, wake me in the middle of the night because I left a scene unresolved and they are dying to know what happens next. (I usually just tell them to stop it and be patient – after all, I need my sleep!)

In fact, these fictional characters pulled me into their story with such strength that I almost forgot why I started this story in the first place.

Not to be a famous, New York Times bestselling author, with book tours and signings all over the country. Rather, to spread God’s message to the downtrodden. To offer faith hope, and love to those who need it most. Just like I received it when I needed it most.

Then I saw a quote that a friend posted on twitter a few weeks ago.


“I am a pencil in the hand of a writing God, who is sending a love letter to the world”

– Saint Theresa of Calcutta


It’s one of those things that I don’t think of nearly enough. That my writing is not completely my own. Every word I write, speak or sing comes from God. Or at least it should. It is the biggest part of being a Christian, and it goes beyond attending Mass on Sunday and reading the Bible.

God’s message isn’t meant to be just listened to and held captive in our hearts.

God called his disciples – all of us – to spread his Word. Some spread it through actions like donating money and time to charity. Some spread it through song. Others who are comfortable with public speaking (not my forte!) give inspirational speeches and sermons.

And some write.

Whether it is a devotional, a blog post, a short story or a full length novel, there are so many wonderful authors out there whose mission is to share God’s message. I hope to one day join them when I become published.

Until then, I will let God guide me in what I write. When I don’t know what to write, I pray for His guidance. Even when I do know what I write, I pray that he will let me remain humble and not get carried away with the fictional world of my stories, so much as the message I am trying to convey.

There is a fine line between humility and pride in writing. I believe that in offering up what I write to God, and allowing Him to guide my hands, that when my words help someone in need I can be proud, knowing that God is proud of me.

So yes, I am a little pencil. I may be battered, sharpened often, broken, and sharpened again.

But through it all, I remain a pencil in God’s hand.

And in His hand, I will write great things.



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