The Lamb of God

I have been spending a good part of this past week writing and developing my manuscript, but now it is time for a shift in priorities.

Starting today, I hope to spend much of my free time in prayer. You see, the week of April 9th through the 15th isn’t just any week.

It’s Holy Week – a week filled with prayer, contemplation, sorrow, and then rejoicing on Easter.

One of my favorite things about this week is the music I get to sing as part of the Sanctus Chorus at my church. For months, often starting right after Christmas, we practice the songs we will sing on Palm Sunday, Holy Thursday (the celebration of the Last Supper and the institution of the Eucharist), and the biggest night of the year – Easter Vigil. (A different choir sings on Good Friday, so we can rest our voices for Sunday)

Last year was emotional for me, to say the least. I lost my voice for three weeks before Easter and was unable to sing my favorite hymns on Palm Sunday and Holy Thursday. It was so heartbreaking to not be able to sing, but at one rehearsal I listened to the choir from the back of the choir loft and their sweet voices singing Twila Paris’s Lamb of God moved me to tears. Then, by the Grace of God, I got my voice back on Good Friday and was able to sing on Easter Vigil and Easter Sunday (minus the high notes).

I don’t get to sing with the choir again for Palm Sunday this year because I have to work, but I’ve been singing this song in my head all day today (and will probably have it in my head all day tomorrow as well). So even if my voice can not join with the rest of the choir, I will be there in spirit, lifting up all of the prayers I can that their voices may move others just as much as they have moved me.

Starting tomorrow, I will share Bible journaling entries that reflect the emotions of this Holiest of weeks. Some will be joyful, others somber. All filled with love.

God’s Love.


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